Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reason why you should go with Plan B

Green Production

We source materials using high tech sustainable means and we also look after people who work for us.

Worldwide Reach

We are capable of sending orders to every corner of the planet ensuring high quality and standards.

Hand Chiseled

We are the last stone facing company to still maintain hand chiselled techniques to bring superior craftmanship.

Expert Support

We provide expert opinion to help you choose, design and also install our products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We are reinventing the way age old stones have been used. Our passionate designers understand your needs to make sure your stones shine bright from Orient to Europe!

Why not design your own stone? Talk to us to explore the options.

No.1 Customer Support Worldwide

We offer outstanding customer support through our Live Chat, Facebook and Social Media to make your decision making easy and comfortable.

Our Guaranty

We proudly claim that there is no similar quality product in the market that matches our offering. If you can find someone who offers the same product for a lower price, we will match the price of your order.

*Term & conditions apply.


We want to provide the best quality stone for your needs that will leave a long-lasting legacy. We are proud of our work ethics. Our mission is to make sure you can get and install your stone tiling and stone facing under a fortnight.

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